HRV Simulation

Virtual Reality
& Simulation

Our values

Working together to develop tomorrow's innovation

HRV Simulation is a specialist in medical and industrial simulation, combining the innovative technologies of haptics, virtual reality and motion capture.

We develop innovative simulation software for healthcare and industry.

Our profession

Improving and assessing the learning of complex movements and postures using haptics, virtual reality and motion capture.

Our mission

Developing the use of innovative technologies to improve teaching methods and ergonomics through simulation.

Virtual reality

We use Virtual Reality to offer innovative learning techniques for medical simulation and new simulation methods for industrial design.


Our haptic rendering algorithms enable us to develop high-fidelity surgical training simulators with an unrivalled sense of touch.

Motion capture

Motion capture enables human movements to be reproduced on virtual mannequins. Our biomechanical and ergonomic algorithms are used to analyse and evaluate these movements.

Our brands

HRV Simulation’s DNA lies in its ability to lead highly technological and innovative IT projects.

We are multilingual in C++, C#, Python, JS and Java programming. We develop innovative simulation products for healthcare and industry.