Virteasy Dental

Dental surgery simulator

Virteasy Dental is a dental surgery simulator to train students faster and allows teachers to follow their progress.

VirTeaSy Dental provides an innovative approach that facilitates training in the practice of procedures and diagnosis.

It provides an unmatched level of performance, fidelity and reliability to speed up the learning process.

Cottos Médical

Cycleo, the virtual bike ride simulator for seniors

Cottos Médical aims to gradually and sustainably improve the quality of life for people in fragile situations.

To do this, Cottos Médical develops innovative solutions that appeal to the physical, psychological and social aspects of the person at the same time.

Nawo Solutions

Ergonomics simulation software

Nawo Solutions is a software suite dedicated to ergonomics and the prevention of risks related to musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs).


3D Design sharing plateform

Twinsflow is an online 3D Design sharing platform to speed up your, and your team’s, workflow through Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality and embeddable on your website.

RUSH Motion

Motion capture by smartphone

RUSH Motion is a mobile application that makes it easy to record body movements with your smartphone to animate your favorite characters and export your movements to your animation software.