Quality Management and Assurance

Agile Development
All of our work is carried out in two-weekly cycles (called “sprints”) to ensure that the business remains agile and responsive to customer needs and requirements during the development process.

All of our releases are quality tested by an in-house QA specialist using both automated and manual testing processes. All identified defects and bugs are then fixed during a sprint and a patch delivered before the release is made available to customers.

In the unlikely event that a release is defective, the customer may roll-back the software update until a release-patch is made available.

Quality Assurance
All products go through a thorough quality assurance process where the team checks the functionality of hardware and software to ensure that it meets the expectations of delivery.

All products will be signed off for quality assurance on the picking note and customers will also be provided with a delivery note to ensure that everything has reached them in good condition.

For all queries please contact us at:

Email: Support@hrv-simulation.com
Phone: +33 2 44 47 23 20
Mail: 21 Rue Ferdinand, Buisson, 53810 Change, France.